Below you will find some common questions customers may have.
1.Will my employees know they are being monitored? Can the BeAware Corporate Edition software run in stealth mode?
It's your choice. You can enable a “system tray“ icon on the monitored PCs if you would like to disclose monitoring to your employees. BeAware Corporate Edition also has the capability to run in complete stealth mode. If you use the “system tray” icon, you can optionally let your employees turn off monitoring for a limited period of time every day using the “Private Time” feature. This lets your employees handle their personal online business in privacy.
2.Will I have to manually install the BeAware Corporate Edition software on each individual workstation? Can the software be remotely installed?
BeAware Corporate Edition can be remotely installed and pushed out to each individual workstation from your server using the included “Remote Setup” tool. It's easy to do — simply check the box for each workgroup, domain, or individual computer you'd like to monitor using BeAware Corporate Edition!
3.Is the installation process difficult?
No, the installation process is 100% user friendly using the Remote Setup Tool. An installation guide along with a user manual are included with each purchase.
4.Do you provide technical support?
Yes, technical support is included as part of your annual maintenance plan. Telephone support is also available for a nominal charge.
5.Will BeAware Corporate Edition cause my machines to slow down?
No, BeAware Corporate Edition will not leave any major footprint on your network. It uses less then 0.2% of your network resources in most cases.
6.How much does BeAware Corporate Edition cost?
Price depends on how many workstations you have at your organization. Contact a BeAware Corporate Edition sales consultant today to get started — it's easy, and pricing is quite attractive.
7.What does the annual maintenance plan include?
BeAware Corporate Edition's annual maintenance plan entitles you to free updates and upgrades as they become available. It also includes e-mail support, chat support, and web remotes support. Most customers choose the annual maintenance plan option and renew it in subsequent years to keep their software current and up-to-date.
8.Can BeAware Corporate Edition only be deployed from a server?
The software can be installed to all the PC's on your network from the server or from a stand alone workstation. Simply check all the boxes for the machines you want to monitor ” it's very easy.
9.Can a company decide on which of their servers they would like to install BeAware Corporate Edition?
Yes, like with any corporate software deployment, you can pick the server BeAware Corporate Edition is installed on. It is explained in the installation guide. Installation is often a very easy process since you just pick which PC's you want to install server or monitoring on.
10.Does the BeAware Server application need to be installed on an actual Server, or can it be installed on any computer?
No.The BeAware Server software does not need to be installed on an actual Server machine. The software can be installed on any machine that has enough system resources to process the incoming data from each monitored client machine as well as storage space for all data recorded and uploaded. For many small businesses, a typical workstation with a 200 GB hard drive will do the job, and server hardware is not necessary.
11.Can BeAware Corporate Edition be installed on a server that is not running Windows Active Directory?
Yes, Windows Active Directory is not a requirement.
12.Instead of a server, can a stand along USB drive be used to install and record BeAware Corporate Edition data?
A USB drive can be used if it's not too old of a drive, and if you have fewer than 25 machines to monitor.
13.How is BeAware Corporate Edition able to match each machine with its user?
BeAware Corporate Edition software records both the machine name and the logged in user. Essentially, BeAware is monitoring the machine first and then by the user(s) on that machine. So, as each user logs off, it records the logoff and then the next person(s) logon.
14.My company uses a Terminal Server. How does your software work with this type of setup?
In a Terminal Server setup, you install the BeAware Server and the monitoring software directly on the Terminal Server. When monitoring is enabled, as each workstation connects into the server it is automatically monitored. Because of the way that a Terminal Server setup works, you cannot pick and choose the machines you wish to monitor or not monitor as well as you will not be able to configure monitoring options for individual machines. If monitoring is enabled, every machine connecting into the Terminal Server will be monitored with the options that are configured on the Terminal Server.

Regarding licensing, you will need to purchase “Seat” licenses for each workstation that will be connecting into the Terminal Server as well as one for the Terminal Server itself. For example, if you have 100 workstations on your network that are connecting into the Terminal Server, plus the machine running as the Terminal Server, you will need 101 licenses (100 for each workstation plus 1 for the Terminal Server).
15.Does BeAware Corporate Edition support a Novell network?
BeAware Corporate Edition uses IP-based addressing, so if you can use IP addresses to address machines on the network then the Novell network will work.
16.Does BeAware Corporate Edition run on Vista?
BeAware Corporate Edition Version 7.0 and higher all work on Vista for monitoring Vista PC's.
17.Does BeAware Corporate Edition run on a Mac OS?
At this time, BeAware Corporate Edition does not run on a Mac OS.
18.Does BeAware Corporate Edition work on computers that are using Windows XP home?
Yes, BeAware Corporate Edition works on all versions of Windows. The Remote Setup Tool does not support Windows XP Home, so for Windows XP Home you would need to manually install BeAware Corporate Edition on each machine.
19.If you install BeAware Corporate Edition at multiple offices, will you be able to monitor all of your offices from one main location?
Yes, as long as the offices can see each other over the network (they are sharing the same internal network) then it's not a problem, like with any corporate deployment such as Antivirus.
20.How does BeAware Corporate Edition monitor employees that are out in the field using their laptops? Especially if they are not connected to the companies server? What if they are not connected to the Internet, will it monitor anything?
If the laptop never connects to the company network then it's not possible to monitor it. There needs to be a connection at some point, such as when the employee returns to the office.
21.My server has two network adaptors and acts as the router. I want to monitor the staff on the LAN, but I also have staff in the field that need to be monitored. Do I need to activate the network card on the internal network on the Internet side?
The purpose of selecting Network Mac ID is only to bind the server license to the PC so it cannot be transferred to any other machine. Monitoring is not dependent on selection of the Network Adapter, so you can select any of the Network Cards.
22.Can BeAware Corporate Edition be turned-off after hours, so an employees' laptop is not monitored during their free-time?
Yes, using the Private Time feature they can disable monitoring on any schedule, such as during lunch breaks or after hours, or even give employees a certain number of minutes every day (such as 90) that they can turn off the monitoring *themselves*. It's up to the company how to set this up, and set-up is very easy.
23.Does BeAware Corporate Edition capture usernames and passwords?
No, BeAware Corporate Edition does not capture usernames and passwords, so employees do not have to worry about an unauthorized user gaining access to their accounts because they have BeAware Corporate Edition installed on their computer.
24.Editing configuration file.
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