BeAware Product Features:
Record Emails, Chats, Web-surfing, and much more.
You can ensure that your employees are using their PC for appropriate activities. You'll see if they are abusing the Internet, email, chat, computer programs, games, or anything else.
View Screen Captures. Get a crystal clear view of your employees' PC screens as often as you like. See exactly what they see, in full color. This feature acts as a deterrent to anyone who would abuse their Internet or computer privileges.
Easy-to-use monitoring. Unlike other software packages that take a lot of time to learn and use, BeAware has been designed to keep you efficient. Our highly intuitive software allows you to monitor employees quickly and easily, so that you don't waste precious time.
Remarkably Simple Installation. BeAware Corporate Edition is designed to make installation a breeze for software beginners or experts. Our simple installation saves you precious time by allowing you to install BeAware on your entire network from just one computer.
Ideal for 1 to 10,000 employees. Whether you are a small business, or a large enterprise, BeAware Corporate Edition is designed to meet and exceed your monitoring needs.
See employee activity from anywhere via the web. BeAware gives you the ability to check on employees wherever you have Internet access; at home, on the road, or anywhere in between. This feature is also great for companies that have employees working at satellite offices.
Keyword Alerts. Find out immediately if an employee has typed or received information about specific words. You can set alerts for words that relate to topics such as: drugs, harassment, illegal activity and more.
Stealth Option. BeAware gives you the option to monitor employees, with or without their knowledge. This can be a highly effective way of tracking employees if you suspect that they are misusing company data or putting the company or other employees at risk.
Private Time Feature. BeAware gives managers the ability to allow employees pre-approved private time for breaks. This optional feature helps employees take care of legitimate personal matters with complete privacy.
Focus on the entire team - or just one employee. BeAware gives you the ability to examine the usage patterns of individual users or the team as a whole. This helps you discover where productivity problems exist and how to fix them.
Superior Customer Service. BeAware Customer Service Representatives are highly trained and knowledgeable about the product. They are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and remaining responsive to your questions and concerns.
Cost Effective. BeAware Corporate Edition helps you to boost your team's productivity. Most BeAware customers will be able to recover the cost of their investment in just a few weeks.
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